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Santa Clara: "Well, He's Only 19!"

TODAY IN SANTA CLARA COUNTY COURT // The defendant is a 19-year old young man who is currently detained in Santa Clara County Main Jail. There seems to be other defendants in his case, which the judge alluded to. The defendant was held in jail due to his inability to post bond. He was corralled into the court with a group of other men. The Judge asked the defendant if he has had a job and he stated he was in school. The Judge then inquired if he was behind in school due to being in Jail. The defendant stated he had never been in juvenile hall. The public defender stated the defendant did not have a record or any failure to appears. The Judge chuckled slightly and then responded, “Well, he’s only 19!” Insinuating that he had not had significant time to increase his criminal record. At one point, the public defender announced to the court that Debug was in attendance and were willing to support this young man. He was released on supervised release, SORP, with the following requirements: he must submit to search’s and seizure, no weapons, no drugs, he must remain away from the accuser, and he must maintain a valid address.


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