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Santa Clara: She Looked Scared And Confused

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

TODAY IN SANTA CLARA COUNTY COURT // The defendant had multiple charges. She covered Lines 2-6 on the Arraignment Calendar. She looked scared and confused about why she had so many charges. There was no attempt at reducing her bail from the Public Defender. The bail only continued to get higher and higher as charges continued to come.

Charge 1: $10,000

Charge 2: $1,000

Charge 3: $50,000

Charge 4: $90,000

Charge 5: $5,000

The Judge exonerated then exonerated charge 4. The defendant was referred to the Alternative Defenders Office by the Public Defender. DA did not say anything even when she was exonerated of a charge.

The defendant didn't seem as if she had family support but she constantly kept looking over to see if she could find someone.


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