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For Participatory Defense Organizers and families

The Court Doing handouts below are primarily for Participatory Defense organizers who have been trained to use them in their California County. If you have a loved one detained pre-trial in California, below are some tools to help you free your loved one. We suggest reaching out to your closest Participatory Defense Hub for support.

For Families and organizers

Attached is a template motion that your loved one's attorney can file to get a new Bail Hearing. Email the attorney this motion and ask if the motion is applicable, when they could file it, and when they can meet to strategize about the hearing.

Attached is a checklist of specific activities families and communities can do to impact the outcome of a Bail Hearing as well as understand the where in the court process your loved one is.

In counties across California, community organizations have been trained in "Participatory Defense" -- a community organizing approach to assist families in impacting the outcome of cases. Email us to be connected with the Participatory Defense Hub in your county.

For participatory defense organizers


Attached is a Community Ties Questionaire is an organizing tool designed to help gather important information from families at Arraignment Court in order to best advocate for the release of their loved one currently being arraigned. This Questionaire is filled out by Participatory Defense Organizers with families at Arraignment Court and then turned into the Public Defender representing our loved one. Set up a structure with your Local Public Defenders Office to implement it

Attached is the Participatory Defense Impact Form for Participatory Defense Organizers working with families at Arraignment Court. The purpose of this form is to be able to measure the impact family involvement has on Arraignment Courts when their voice, stories and support is included.

Fill out this Google Form to submit your Participatory Defense Impact Form gathered from working with families at Arraignment Court. Measuring this impact can help show the impact family involvement can have in Arraignment Courts

Fill out this Google Form to submit your Participatory Defense Impact Form AFTER the families have come to the local Participatory Defense Meetings. This form is intended to measure the impact family involvement can have on their loved one's entire case -- what happens after Arraignment Court.

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