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Santa Clara: Grateful To Bring Him Home

FREEDOM FRIDAY // Last month this family went to San Francisco to support Mr. Humphrey in his own bail hearing. They wanted to support the man whose courage led the way for their own loved one’s shot at freedom.

Today, family and community filled 2 courtroom pews. Detained since December, their loved one has had no bail. His defense attorney argues for his bail eligibility, reduction under Humphrey, with the possibility of supervised release to address public safety.

The DA says the charges alone should be sufficient for detention. The judge disagrees and asks the defense that considering public safety, what are the unusual circumstances that make him eligible for bail.

Defense names three things: 1) he’s been on a road to recovery, a mentor to other people’s sobriety; 2) he’s had significant family support who’s gone to court every time, and 3) De-Bug is a longstanding community institution here to support with his case.

Defense adds that she’s especially concerned that there is an innocent man sitting in custody - something she doesn’t say lightly. Judge pauses. After considering everything in this case, Judges says, “Because of his significant community ties, and considering his his ability to pay, bail is granted at $5000 with supervised release conditions". Everyone in his family cries.

They’ve been waiting for this moment - they reached out to De-Bug, produced a social bio packet, secured him housing, employment and his return to his role in other people’s sobriety. This is them walking out of court, grateful to bring him home.

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