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Santa Clara: "Thats A Lot of Money, But I Need to Get Him Home"

TODAY IN SANTA CLARA COUNTY COURT // Today's #DayinCAcourt report: The man was held on no bail at arraignment weeks ago, and today had a bail hearing. Charges were nonviolent. Defense attorney argues it is unlawful for his client to be denied bail for these charges. Prosecutor says his priors are serious enough to strip him of his right to release. The man's wife is in the back of court crying. She approaches the attorney to say her husband will live with her, so has community ties. The attorneys approach the bench, offers the information, and the attorney tells the wife he can come home on ankle monitor. She is excited, but then the judge talks. Says the bail schedule is at 146K, but the judge is INCREASING that amount to 500k, AND imposing supervision conditions. Outside court the wife says, thats alot of money, but I need to get him home.


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