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San Mateo: "If You Don't Show Up, We'll Pick You Up"



Scheduled Bail was set at $50,000 on a misdemeanor Domestic Violence charge. The defense did not argue for release but the defense attorney requested bail to be reduced since the charge was a misdemeanor. The DA requested a No Contact Order. The Judge then reduced bail to $15k, granted a No Contact Order to protect the alleged victim, and asked the defendant to surrender any firearms. The judge then wished the defendant good luck.


The man had no family present at court. The pretrial report recommended release on OR. The judge looked at the DA and asked if he had anything to say as far as the recommendation for release. The DA did not comment. The judge asked the defendant, "If I release you on OR will you return to court?" Defendant responded, "Yes, I have a driver's license." Judge granted release on OR and told the defendant, "If you don't show up, we will pick you up."


Pretrial services recommended release on SORP. The prosecutor did not argue and submitted to the recommendation from Pretrial. As he was released, the judge mandated the defendant check in with Pretrial services once a week and submit to chemical testing. Judge asked the defense attorney if the defendant was employed. The defendant responded "Yes, Uber." The judge granted release on SORP and included chemical testing as part of his release conditions. The judge added on the record, "Make sure you show up to court and comply, if you don't show up, you will be back here again and I am not going to release you on SORP again."


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