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San Francisco: "Fox in a Hen House"

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Media waiting outside of Mr. Humphrey's hearing.

Today in Mr. Humphrey’s Bail Hearing, the DA said releasing Mr. Humphrey to a senior care facility is releasing a “Fox in a hen house”.

The San Francisco DA called Mr. Humphrey a “Serial Burglar for over 30 years” while citing prior offenses that were over 25 years old including an offense that was from the year 1980.

The SF DA stated that Mr. Humphrey had a pattern of victims who were elderly in arguing that he was a safety threat in the senior treatment facility. Minutes later, staff from the treatment center stood up and said Mr. Humphrey was not a safety threat to other seniors.

DA argued Humphrey to not be released even after his evaluation/acceptance to the treatment facility. Facility staff member said he interviewed Mr. Humphrey 3 times in County and told the judge “we’ve had worst over the ten years of this program and we’ve had nothing but success.”

After the concern of Public Safety threat was addressed, the DA argued that Mr. Humphrey was a flight risk because his exposure is currently 41 years to life. Humphrey’s Public Defender stated that he has lived in the Bay Area his whole life and only has Community here.

When DA was asked by media if it they are requesting no bail for Mr. Humphrey, they vaguely said they are requesting PreTrial Detention. We are unclear what the difference is.

Mr. Humphrey’s Public Defender also states that he has had no contact with police for the past 11 years. When the judge asked the DA, the DA avoided addressing the past 11 years and spoke only on his 20+ year priors.

To emphasize again: Mr. Humphrey is facing 41 years to life for taking roughly $5 and a bottle of cologne. He is 64 years old.


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