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Contra Costa: $5,000 Bail for a Man Who Was Homeless

TODAY IN CONTRA COSTA COUNTY COURT // Today a defendant was was in custody and arraigned on a non-violent offense for a failure to appear. The man had no family present at court. His bail was set at $75,000. The judge reduced the bail to $5,000. Public Defender argued that the $5,000 was too high for his capacity. The judge denied lowering the bail because he had no community ties. The judge said the man was a public safety issue and was likely to re- offend. The defendant was a homeless black male and could not afford even the reduced bail.

Other cases of the day:

  • One man had no previous criminal history. OR denied previously. There was no interpreter present and the case was continued.

  • Wife had came to support her husband for a Domestic Violence case where she was the victim. He was given 30 days in county jail and 3 years court probation. Wife asked to remove restraining order. Judge denied her request but modified to peaceful contact. Wife also asked for counseling.


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