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MOST RECENT UPDATE: 4/28/20 @ 5:30PM
  • You can now call in to court for your loved ones

    • Have a loved one facing charges in Santa Clara County? Because of COVID-19, the court has not allowed the public into court to watch hearings since late March. But now, they have opened up phone lines for the public to call in and hear what is happening in court. It is especially important in these times to know what is happening with our people and their rights in court. All you need is the court date and the court room, and you can dial in to listen. Here is the info for phone numbers and court departments:

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  • UPDATED 4/28/20: You can now call in to court for your loved ones

    • Have a loved one facing charges in Santa Clara County? Because of COVID-19, the court has not allowed the public into court to watch hearings since late March. But now, they have opened up phone lines for the public to call in and hear what is happening in court. It is especially important in these times to know what is happening with our people and their rights in court. All you need is the court date and the court room, and you can dial in to listen. Here is the info for phone numbers and court departments:

  • UPDATED 4/2/20 AT 12:00PM - 2 court rooms open up for contested hearings starting April 8th

    • We have received word that Judge Geffon is going to open up 2 courtrooms starting April 8th where attorneys can calendar matters that have not had a possibility with the courts being essentially shutdown during the Shelter in Place order. This means folks who need bail hearings or who haven't been sentenced but will be released if they are sentenced, or have cases that are likely to resolve and result in release can get into court. For families with loved ones inside, contact your loved ones attorney to see if there is a chance your loved one could fit these circumstances and be calendared for a hearing.

    • CLICK HERE to see the "PROTOCOL FOR CALENDARING CASES POST APRIL 7, 2020" document released by the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

  • UPDATED​ 4/2/20 AT 11:00AM - Santa Clara Superior Court Authorizes Citation and Release of Certain Individuals Due to COVID-19

    • Santa Clara Superior Court had a press release essentially ordering Santa Clara County to not detain certain individuals in order to minimize the population in the County Jails. To view the press release click here. The three following criteria falls under "cite and release":

      • Individuals arrested upon warrants for failing to appear in court for pending misdemeanor
        offenses, excluding domestic violence related offenses as defined in Penal Code section
        136.2, Penal Code section 13700, and Family Code section 6211;

      • Individuals arrested upon warrants for failing to appear in court for diversion-related matters,
        deferred entry of judgement, or post-conviction matters, excluding post-conviction matters
        for offenses listed in Penal Code section 1270.1;

      • Individuals arrested for felony offenses with an aggregate scheduled bail amount of $25,000
        or less, excluding offenses listed in Penal Code section 1270.1 or Vehicle Code section
        23153 (driving under the influence causing injury).

  • UPDATED 3/30/20 AT 6:00PM - in custody cases with their time not waved 

    • We have received word that all in custody cases with their time not waved will move forward with prelim hearings. If you have a loved one inside who is set to go to prelim, your attorney should be preparing for that prelim. There are variables regarding whether or not witnesses will come due to COVID-19 or if family members will even be able to attend court. We encourage families to reach out to their loved ones attorney and confirm if their prelim date is still set and if they are moving forward.

  • UPDATED 3/27/20 AT 6:00PM - How the courts are moving forward with current cases during COVID-19

    • We received some updates regarding active cases as the Santa Clara County Courts are figuring out how to proceed with current cases during COVID-19:

      • The court is aware of the concerns regarding Defense Attorney's inability to bring "contested issues" like bail motions. They are exploring options to create a forum for those cases.

      • Video Conferencing options to handle motions, etc. are being considered but not yet an option.

      • The court is looking to expand services to in-custody time waived preliminary hearings.

      • Any case that was already pending a trial date on 3/23/20 will have a new last day of 5/22/20.  

        • Any felony set for trial off an arraignment calendar after 3/23/20 would have a last day after 5/22/20.

        • Any misdemeanor case set for trial off an arraignment calendar on or before 4/22/20 will have a last day of 5/22/20.

        • Any case already set for trial after 5/22/20 will remain as set.

        • Trials that had already begun will resume as soon as Judge Ryan believes it is safe to do so. 

      • No trials will start before 4/7/20 pursuant to the Santa Clara County Emergency Orders.

      • Trials set after 4/7/20 may start if Judge Ryan determines it is safe to hold trial

        • For now that is unlikely while Shelter at Home orders remain in effect

        • If Judge Ryan determines it is safe to hold trials before 5/22/20 she will make good cause findings to allow trials to proceed before 5/22/20.

        • Attorneys should be ready to proceed on trials set after 4/7/20 if shelter in place orders are lifted.

      • The Court does not interpret the Chief Justice’s orders to apply to preliminary hearings.

        • Time not waived preliminary hearings will continue to be handled the way we have handled them until further notice.

  • UPDATED 3/20/20 AT 4:00PM

    • On Thursday March 19th morning court -- Judge Geffon ordered the pretrial release of roughly 150 people. Most of them were released on their Own Recognizance - which means they don't have added restrictions beyond making their next court dates. On Friday March 20th afternoon court, Judge Geffon ordered the release of roughly 120 people who were completing a sentence at county jail. Most who were to be released in this round will be represented by the Public Defender's Office (though not all) so if you are home and want to know the status of your case call the Public Defender's Office at (408) 299-7700, or call the attorney directly. There is also a staff directory that can be found here.

  • UPDATED 3/17/20 AT 4:00PM -- Court System Agencies Begin Release Plans

    • Court was held at 1:30 in Department 41 in front of Judge Geffon to determine the collaborative plans for immediate release. Either in person or telephonically -- each relevant system stakeholder attended -- Public Defender Office, Alternative Defender, Independent Defense Office, District Attorney, County Counsel, Probation, Sheriff, Pretrial, and Re-Entry. The group collectively agreed to initiate releases based on three groups of people: 1)Pretrial release (likely for those 100K bail or less, but no exclusion was identified) 2) Those would be finished a jail sentence this year "up to December" 3) Those with medical needs they make them particularly vulnerable.

    • The Judge said the first group of people to be released will be those where there are agreements from the various parties -- estimates vary, but the number 200 was frequently raised, though some have said the targeted number of release is more like 600. The judge also said the more people are released on Own Recognizance will make the process simpler and move faster. Restrictive conditions will slow releases and makes this more complicated. The parties are supposed to have files and recommendations of release ready in the next couple days in order to start getting people out immediately. The group also agreed to "stay" work programs. People who have loved ones inside should reach out to their loved ones attorneys to see how they can be considered for release.

  • UPDATED 3/17/20 AT 10:00AM:

    • Santa Clara County released a press release for the Superior Court Operations During Shelter in Place​. Click here to view the press release.

  • UPDATED 3/16/20 AT 6:00PM:

    • SCC Superior Court operations have been substantially reduced effective tomorrow March 17, 2020:

    • All county courts impacted:

      • South County Court will be closed.

      • Palo Alto Court will be closed

      • Case management departments will be closed

      • No Trial Setting Calendars

      • No After Arraignment Calendars

      • The court cannot accommodate any requests for special settings at this time.

    • All but the most time sensitive proceedings will take place. This includes:

      • D42 in custody cases

      • 24 Felony Arraignments on information

      • Out of custody DV cases (in DV depts)

      • In Custody, Time not waived PX’s or Trials cases from Palo Alto and South County will be heard at Hall of Justice in San Jose.

      • The only cases that will be heard from the case management departments are Preliminary Hearings and in custody arraignments in Department 23

      • The court will only handle emergency review hearings for mental health cases.

      • March 17, 2020 1:30 in Department 29 with Judge Nishigaya. He will handle the special calendar set aside to reduce jail population by addressing the stipulated early release matters. Judge Nishigaya will take this calendar over from Judge Geffon. There are approximately 200 inmates that will likely be released with District Attorney Office cooperation.

  • UPDATED 3/16/20: 

    • 12 NOON - Conversation with county clerk’s office states courts would be open this afternoon. Family court is also still open but many family hearings will be rescheduled.

    • 3PM - De-Bug organizer went to support a family at Hall of Justice Court this afternoon for a "trial setting" court date and the department was empty. Bailiff told us that all cases were pushed back to late April. We are looking to confirm this. 

    • For updates on their cases families can go to

    • For particulars of family court cases and rescheduling families can go to

    • Keeping the courts open may change quickly so the public is encouraged to continue to check in for updates.


  • UPDATED 4/21/20 AT 5:00PM - Phone call from inside Elmwood Facility American Disability Act Unit

    • CLICK HERE TO LISTEN AND WATCH FULL JAIL CALL. "We start to shake, we start to feel off balance..." reflecting on diabetics having to go 12 hours without eating from 3:30 PM to 4:00 AM the next day. Four people inside the M3A Unit in Santa Clara County Elmwood Correctional Facility give their account of the conditions inside the American Disability Act Unit during the COVID-19 crisis. They all reflect on their own health conditions, the health conditions of those around them in the unit as well as inadequate conditions inside county jail.

  • UPDATED 4/17/20 AT 5:00PM - Phone call from inside Elmwood Facility with John Page and the units demands for adequate conditions during COVID-19

    • CLICK HERE TO LISTEN AND WATCH FULL JAIL CALL. John Page calls in from Elmwood here in Santa Clara County and lays out a thorough, comprehensive, & urgent argument as to why jails are inherently life threatening while being caged in COVID #ProtectYourPeople

  • UPDATED 4/17/20 AT 5:00PM - Santa Clara County's Public Health Officer Dr. Cody's letter regarding the conditions inside Santa Clara Jail facilites

  • UPDATED 4/10/20 AT 12:00PM - Masks within the Santa Clara County Jails

    • We have heard from multiple families with loved ones inside Elmwood Facility and the Main Jail Facility that COs were distributing masks to people inside but were requiring them to sign some sort of form before they were able to receive the mask. Families have heard from their loved ones inside that the form they required people to sign included that inmates would practice social distancing of up to 6ft, which we know from people inside is impossible. Families have said that if their loved ones refused to sign the forms, the COs would not give them the mask for protection. We are currently working on getting verification of what is included in the form COs were passing out.​

  • UPDATED 4/10/20 AT 12:00PM - Santa Clara County's Public Health Officer Dr. Cody has agreed to inspect the jails

    • Dr. Cody, Santa Clara County's Public Health Officer, has issued COVID-19 Emergency Orders such as social distancing to keep people safe during the crisis. Today we asked her to inspect the jails, talk to the detained, to see if the order is honored or disregarded for thousands. CLICK HERE to see De-Bug's letter to Dr. Cody

    • Since receiving the letter and further public concern about the conditions of the Santa Clara County Jails, Dr. Cody has agreed to inspect the Jails. We will keep posting updates in regards to this.

  • UPDATED 4/10/20 AT 12:00PM -  Letter from loved ones inside Elmwood facility to the County Sheriff

    • We received a letter from a family with a loved one in Elmwood Facility Minimum Camp on April 3rd. The letter was written inside the Minimum Camp Unit and was sent out and to be directed towards the Sheriff's Office. The first page of the letter reads, "We, the inmates housed at Elmwood Correctional Facility Minimum Camp, acting as a unified body, diplomatically reach out to the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. We implore the county to respond humanely and rationally to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our reasons as such, are as follows."

    • CLICK HERE to read the full letter from inside the Elmwood Minimum Camp Unit

  • UPDATED 4/2/20 AT 1:00PM - Update regarding $25 commissary and Custody Health Staff

    • We received word from inside that the promised $25 max commissary has been revoked and the loved ones in custody will not be receiving their orders. This $25 max commissary was promised after having commissary taken away for around due weeks due to COVID-19. The lack of commissary has left people with out having access to hygiene products like shampoo, toothpaste, additional food etc. 

    • We have also received word that Custody Health Staff, who is responsible for the care of loved ones inside, have been reduced to 50% meaning there are less Health Care workers inside the county jails during this COVID-19 crisis.

  • UPDATED 4/2/20 AT 12:00PM - Words from loved ones inside M3 A Unit in Elmwood:

    • We received calls from people who are housed in the M3 A Unit in Elmwood. They were expressing the dire situation inside there. This unit in particular is the ADA unit (American Disability Act Unit) so there are people with disabilities, wheelchairs/walkers and pre-existing conditions inside this unit -- ultimately it is a very vulnerable unit within Elmwood. These are some of the things that was said to be going on:

      • Some folks inside the unit have signed release paperwork for OR or SORP over a week ago and they are still in there. One person has been in there for 10 days past signing release paperwork.

      • When people file medical cards ("white cards") it takes 2 to 3 days to be seen

      • The unit is 64 person max and there is up to 56 people in there

      • There are numerous elders in this unit and many with conditions -- some including diabetes, amputees, tuberculosis, asthma, respiratory diseases etc. -- also this unit, mostly everyone's bail is under 100k and most are in for "non-violent" offenses.

      • They receive meals at 4am, 11am, and 4pm. There is no Cantine (where they can get additional food) so all they have are the meals given to them. There is a story of diabetics rationing bananas between 4pm and 10pm so they don't pass out due to blood sugar levels. Some folks are losing weight because of all of this.

      • All the CO's and workers wear masks but loved ones in custody don't receive any protective gear. It is near impossible to social distance and there are no sanitation stations.

      • When nurses conduct screenings they ask series of questions regarding: fever, feeling sick, having a cough, having been exposed to anyone over seas

  • UPDATED 3/30/20 AT 10:00AM - From family member of someone inside main jail

    • Aramark sent in some care packages to every detainee Friday March 27th.  They received a variety of hygiene products, some paper, stamps and envelopes, and a few food items. Currently there are efforts to find ways to allow some small purchases from commissary – up to about $25 – so they can be delivered by the CO’s and minimize interactions with vendors.  Might start this coming week. Also, included in these packages - and now posted around the units - is information on the virus and how to keep themselves as safe as possible in their settings . Info on handwashing and cleanliness and social distancing, etc. in addition to symptoms of COVID-19.

  • UPDATED 3/30/20 AT 6:00PM - De-Bug report back from all the calls we have received last week

    • ​This past week, we've been contacted by families and those incarcerated at Elmwood and Main Jail in Santa Clara County regarding the urgency of what our folks are experiencing inside the county jails and also the hardship of families of those incarcerated. Many have reported they do not have access to sanitizing supplies such as hand sanitizer as it is considered contraband and have no access to the commissary to purchase hygiene packets to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. Only guards have been wearing masks which none have been provided to loved ones who are incarcerated.  No officer has been seen sanitizing/wiping down doorknobs, handcuffs, sinks, etc.  Loved ones are all in close proximity to one another, those that look very sick and coughing are just being moved around. Families are overwhelmed with concern, for instance,  a Family visiting the Sherriff's office was told: "Inmates are fine, they (Sherriffs) are doing everything that they should be doing". Out of the numerous calls we received, there were two separate calls with very similar urgencies; both women are in Elmwood, both have sick Parents at home and there are children in both households in which the sick Parents are caring for.  These particular women are low-level offenders and should be at home where they are able to assist in the care and needs of their sick Parents and household.  We are receiving many calls throughout the day from Families, those currently incarcerated and those newly released with concerns about Housing, Shelters, Homelessness, Food, and Financial Assistance. We are staying on top of the most current resources to provide to the newly released and community. 

  • UPDATED 3/27/20 AT 5:00PM - Phone call update from inside Elmwood facility

    • LISTEN TO THE CALL CLICK HERE. John Page a San Jose father currently being held in Elmwood Jail in Santa Clara County. In this call he shares the reality of incarceration during the COVID-19 crisis. He describes a reality where "social isolation" is impossible, where sanitation is inadequate, and how the rights of those inside have been suspended as court dates get pushed back for weeks on end. And despite having diabetes, he shares how for him and many others, his main concern are their families outside. Stay tuned to as we share real-time updates, information, voices, and calls to action to protect those incarcerated and formerly incarcerated in Santa Clara County.

  • UPDATED 3/27/20 AT 4:00PM - Sheriff's reply to community coalition's questions

    • *A coalition of civil rights lawyers, families of the incarcerated, and advocates sent questions on Friday March 20th regarding what steps by Santa Clara County jail administrators to protect those who are incarcerated from COVID-19. Here are the answers that were sent back by the Assistant Sheriff and the Santa Clara County Liason Officer on March 25th.

      • Question 1. What measures are being taken to educate the detainees and staff about the virus.

        • Answer:

          •  COVID -19 flyers have been placed in all housing units and added to inmate info loop channel

          • Flyers provide info related hygiene, social distancing & request to see medical if feeling ill

          • Staff have been instructed to increase general cleaning and always ensure cleaning supplies, soap, disinfectant are available.

      • Question 2. What measures are being taken to monitor the heath of detainees and staff. Has there been increase in medical and mental health checks? Please give us details as to why or why not, and information about how frequently detainees are checked.

        • Answer:

          •  Badge staff have been told to monitor inmates and immediately request medical if an inmate states ‘not feeling well.’

          • All new inmates are being pre-screened by medical prior to entering the booking area.  This has allowed medical to identify Patients Under Investigation (PUI) and isolate them before they integrate into the jail population.



  • UPDATED 3/25/20 AT 4:00PM - Report directly from those currently incarcerated in Elmwood Correctional Facility

    • Report directly from those currently incarcerated in Elmwood Correctional Facility on Coronavirus Impact

      1. High number of new CO’s equals more risk of outside contamination.

      2. No commissary for 3 weeks equals loss of postage stamps, loss of food, loss of pain killers (i.e., Tylenol, etc.) decongestant, soap, shampoo, reading glasses. 

      3. Loss of other health products, toothpaste, deodorant, anti–fungal cream, etc.

      4. The loss of these and other products causes strain and irritability, loss of sleep and tendencies for conflicts. Particularly because they are close together “closer than 6 foot social distance.” 

      5. No family or friends visits increases depression, irritability because all inmates need these contacts for comfort.

      6. Little or no attorney visits.

      7. Increased anxiety regarding legal issues because of delays and unknown status of one’s case which could even affect the case outcome and justice. 

      8. Trustees that handle food wear latex gloves and proceed to touch many contaminating surfaces before and while handling food such as not clean door handles, not clean push plates their faces and other parts of their bodies outside food carts.  Trustees receive no instruction or supervision on these issues.    

      9. Door handles and door push plates are never cleaned. When an inmate goes to a visit through glass, to bible study, to see the nurse, for diabetic attention, transport to Court, the inmates must touch these surfaces. 

      10. When inmates are transferred to Court, they are shackled with chains and cuffs that are never cleaned. 

      11. When inmates are transported to Court, they are sardined into holding cells that are not well cleaned, sardined into transport vehicles that are never clean, and accumulated into holding cells that are negligently clean. 

      12. Older inmates are in dorms with young people “68” to a dorm. And this includes inmates from the streets and homeless that are arrested. Older inmates and inmates with underlying conditions such as leukemia should be isolated in a separate at risk dorm. 

      13. No programs available.  

      14. Breakfast served at 4am, lunch at 10am, dinner at 4pm.  Nothing to eat for 12 hours.

      15. No stamps or stationary to write family. 

  • UPDATED 3/25/20 at 3:00PM - Words from Men and Women facilities in Elmwood

    • We received word from a loved one in a woman's dorm Elmwood said that they increased her dorm from 50 people to 100. 

    • A mother received word from her son inside the following:

      • They do not have commissary​

      • They do not have access to hygiene products

      • They have not been receiving medical assistance

      • The Jails have not been keeping sanitation in the living units

      • The Jail has been locking down units in the farm at Elmwood, only giving 30 minutes of yard time a day.

  • UPDATED 3/23/20:

    • Detainees have been given 2 free 5 minute calls per week to contact their families. The calls go in succession to one another and the detainees do not currently have the option to spread them out throughout the week.

    • All visiting has been stopped until further notice. Commissary and “Icare” package delivery has been stopped. All programs provided by outside agencies such as the 5 Keys educational programs and visits from the Chaplaincy have also been stopped. Some areas of the jail report that there has been no change in their out of cell time while others report that there has. Some areas of the jail report that they have been told to increase cleaning while others report getting no information to that effect.  Information regarding the virus and good hygiene practices have been added to the “information loop” that is played on the TV.

    • Last week Santa Clara County created a Covid-19 information site that contains updates from departments throughout the county. The information below is from the Sherriff/Custody link.  It has remained the same since its original posting.

  • UPDATED 3/16/20:

    • As per Laurie Smith there are 4 reported cases of detainees being exposed. They are all in isolation. There are no reported cases in any of the jails. We do know that 2 are at Elmwood but she gave no other information about the additional 2.

    • Visitation has been stopped at all facilities, including juvenile hall – until further notice

    • No outside program personnel, clergy or contractor staff are allowed in the facilities.

    • Individuals detained cannot get food from commissary until the 31st

    • As per conversation with the County Executive’s office on 3/13 , releases are going to be made from the facilities to lower the population and then the remaining individuals detained will be spread out to create more social distance.

    • As per conversation with the County Executive’s office on 3/13 protocols for handling things like being in close contact for transport, holding cells, court appearances and sanitation of equipment such as handcuffs are being developed.

    • In conversation with a parent whose son is on the 7th floor,  program is now restricted to once a day for an hour. Individuals detained are being let out in smaller numbers.

    • Information from the 4th floor is that the out of cell time currently remains the same, although they are already out in small groups.

    • 4th floor trustees were told to clean thoroughly at least twice a day.

    • Both areas report they have received no information regarding the virus, best practices for hygiene and cleanliness or protocols for keeping their living areas safe. All information they have received has come from watching TV.

  • UPDATED 4/17/20: For families who have children inside juvenile hall and the ranch

    • If you have a child who is serving their time inside juvenile hall or the ranch (meaning their case is in the 'post-disposition' stage) and you would like to request their release due to COVID-19, ask your child's attorney to  consider filing a Welfare and Institutions Code section 778 petition in juvenile court to get your child released.  If the attorney does not respond within a reasonable time, you can also file the petition yourself as an 'interested party.'  Check out the Pacific Juvenile Defender Center's website here for guidance.  Reach out to us at De-Bug if you need support reaching out to your child's attorney, developing a re-entry support plan, and/or filling out the template.

  • UPDATED 4/10/20 AT 12:00PM - Update on Juvenile Facilities and Protocol as of April 1st

  • UPDATED 3/20/20

    • *If you have a loved one in juvenile custody being held in a different county, here is an update "BSCC Confirmed Juvenile Emergency Suspension of Standards" -- click here to view document​​​​

  • UPDATED 3/16/20 AT 6:00PM:

    • SCC Superior Court operations have been substantially reduced effective tomorrow March 17, 2020:

      • Juvenile Court

        • All but one department will be open in Juvenile Court.

        • All review hearings will be postponed

        • The court will only hear detentions, jurisdictional hearings, dispositions

  • UPDATED 4/21/20 - De-Bug letter to CDCR and Governor Newsome

    • As numbers of COVID-19 postitive cases continue to rise in CDCR, we recognize the urgent needs faced by those behind the walls and about to be released, and recognize the medical, mental health and financial strain this pandemic has placed on all our loved ones  and families, we are calling on the Governor, CDCR and The Board of Parole Hearings to implement the following actions: Click the link to read the letter we sent.

  • UPDATED 4/10/20 - CDCR Memo: Revised COVID-19 Mandatory 14-day Modified Program

    • CDCR memo details that as of April 8th, 2020 "all institutions will implement a mandatory 14-day modified program. Each institution will be responsible for either creating or amending their current Program Status Report taking all of the following into consideration" -- CLICK HERE to read the full memo.

  • UPDATED 4/2/20 - CDCR 7385 Authorization For Release Of Protected Health Information

    • Below is the CDCR 7385 form -- this form is for authorizing the release of protected health information. This form is critical, especially now. Without this form CDCR will not and cannot release any medical info to family due to HIPPA. The incarcerated loved one will need to fill this out and submit.

    • Below is another form that De-Bug families with loved ones in CDCR recommend filling out

  • UPDATED 3/31/20 - Free calls for loved ones inside CDCR

    • "Beginning March 31st, CDCR will provide three full days of free phone calls for incarcerated people each week. The free calls will be available from 12 am to 11:59 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays through the end of April 2020." To read the full notice click here.

  • UPDATED 3/26/20 - Prison Care Guide

    • Some friends of De-Bug put together a Holistic Health Care Guide for all of our loved ones inside during the pandemic. You can check out the full guide which is downloadable and printable here.​

  • UPDATED 3/25/20 - CDCR

    • Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order on State Prisons and Juvenile Facilities in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak. Click here to view the order.

  • UPDATED 3/20/20 - CDCR

    • Click here for the "Coronavirus Manual For California Prisons" provided by Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

      • Inside this Manual is:​

        • ​How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus While Incarcerated

        • How to Advocate for Proper Coronavirus Precautions in Your Facility

        • How to Seek Release if You are High Risk of Complications from Coronavirus

        • Petition for Release Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

    • Message from Board of Parole Hearings: "On the advice of public health officials’ orders throughout the State and out of concern for the health of victims, district attorneys, inmates, counsel, and Board employees, parole suitability hearings scheduled March 23rd through March 31st will be postponed. We are making every effort to explore all available options for resuming parole hearings as soon as possible and in a manner that is accessible to all hearing participants. All affected parole hearing participants for hearings scheduled March 23rd through March 31st are being notified."

    • For the latest updates on CDCR's COVID-19 Preparedness please visit -


    • We have received word that Judge Cousins is letting any federal defendant on his docket ask for release ASAP. -- Magistrate Judge Cousins issued an Order regarding the reopening of detention hearings. The order applies to every open criminal case in which Judge Cousins has ordered a "criminal defendant" to be detained and that individual is presently held in custody awaiting trial.  The order details the specifics of what is required of counsel.  Counsel should not delay in evaluating whether any defendant should have his or her detention hearing reopened. 

      • Click here to see the official Order from Judge Cousins​

      • ***If you have a loved one with open federal charges whose case is being heard by Judge Counsins, email and contact your defense attorney ASAP and demand his or her detention hearing be open. Attach the Official Order from Judge Cousins and list the reasons your loved one is needed home and how family and community will support them (list any medical conditions, where they will stay, resources family and community can provide etc)

  • UPDATED 3/31/20 - Update to Re-Entry Center services and open hours.

  • UPDATED 3/21/20 - Public Defender resource guide for those just getting out:

    • The Santa Clara Public Defender's Office has developed a Community Resource Guide for Those Getting Out of Jail. It included information on meals, housing, mental health and medical treatment. Click here to access the resource guide.

  • UPDATED 3/20/20 - Re-Entry Center and resource lists

    • If you are looking for resources for housing, food, shelter, assistance outside of the Re-Entry Center please CLICK HERE for a resource list.


      • The San Jose Re-Entry center has been closed until further notice but they have staff that are answering their phones remotely and will assist telephonically. For San Jose call 408-535-4299 // for South County Call 408-201-0690. They  they have a van (MMU) outside of the Re-Entry Center at the following times for the following needs:

        • Mondays from 8:30am-12:00pm (medicine/psychiatry) and 1:00pm-5:00pm (psychiatry only),

        • Wednesdays from 12:30pm-5:00pm (medicine/psychiatry),

        • Thursdays 8:30am-12:00pm (medicine/psychiatry by referral only)

        • Fridays 8:30am-5:00pm (medicine/psychiatry).

      • Re-Entry Center is receiving phone calls from people who need assistance, please call them at the numbers below to get a hold of someone who can re-direct you to what you or your loved one needs.

        • Re-Entry Center San Jose: 408-535-4299

        • Re-Entry Center South County: 408-201-0690


      • A contact at the Faith Based Re-Entry Center suggests people call before going because the majority of them have limited staff, are testing for any signs COVID-19 symptoms, and time have shifted to allow for the 6 feet apart. Below are the list of centers that are still open

        • Maranatha 8:30 to 2 pm (limited hours) 

          • pre-screening participants for COVID -19 

          • if yes they do exhibit symptoms then send to doctors

        • Cathedral of Faith available through phone (at capacity)Only serving individuals who are seeking one-touch services: are asked to call the office and make an appointment

          • one touch services include necessary essentials: hygiene kit, bus tokens, emergency food from food pantry, clothing if available, gift card of they are available 

          • staff will provide services at home- those who already are enrolled 

        • Bridges of Hope (195 E. San Fernando St.) John 23rd Multi Service Center

          • open regular hours 9- 5pm

          • checking for COVID-19 symptoms before going in (temperature)

          • case management and one time services, clinic on site are available 

        • Bible Way - destiny , 9 am - 2pm 

          • screening for COVID-19 

          • "Shelter in place order"- have more limited resources 

          • staff schedule will be shifted to make available 6 ft distance

    • Below are key updates on various services and programs that are suspended and limited at the San Jose Reentry Resource Center:

      • Reentry Resource Center has suspended client registration and service triage

      • Behavioral Health Services Department is available for screenings by calling Gateway for Substance Use Services at 800-488-9919 or the Mental Health call center at 800-704-0900

      • Behavioral Health treatment and case management groups have been suspended until further notice. In lieu of groups, clinicians will remotely conduct sessions by phone

      • Department of Child Support Services has suspended all outreach efforts until further notice

      • Social Services Agency Staff has suspended in-person screenings and enrollment for benefits such as General Assistance, CalFresh (food stamps), and Medi-Cal. Clients can assess information for these services via telephone and online at

      • Office of Supportive Housing (OSH) has suspended in-person screenings and enrollment and will provide housing support services to clients by phone. Clients are directed to call the San Jose RRC main number and OSH Community Worker will respond within one business day

      • Custodial Alternative Supervision Program (CASP) will no longer report to the RRC and Weekend Worker Program (WWP) participants will need to check-in daily at the RRC (San Pedro side entrance)

      • Individuals recently released from State Prison or the County Jail required to report to the AB 109 Probation Assessment Team at the RRC is asked to call one of the Probation Officers listed on the attached flyer

      • Public Defender’s Record Clearance Program (expungement) is suspending intakes of new clients and will continue working with existing clients through telecommuting.  Due to continued delays resulting from the reduction in court operations, the Public Defender’s Office will continue to provide high level of service to their expungement clients.

      • Faith Based services have suspended services

      • First 5 Service enrollment and parenting programs suspended

      • Medical Mobile Unit group sessions are scheduled as one-on-one sessions until further notice

      • Wednesday evening San Jose City College courses will be held on-line until at least April 6, 2020

      • Peer Mentor Roundtable meetings on hold until further notice

      • Monday Housing Workshops are on hold until further notice

      • Reentry Services contracted in-custody programming on hold until further notice

      • Reentry Services will continue to administer the Parole program and navigate current service referrals from Parole agents

      • Parole program rehabilitation counselors will work with their clients via phone and text and cannot enroll new clients at this time


  • UPDATED 3/17/20: Community Demands

    • Community Coalition Call for Specific Emergency Actions Regarding COVID-19 and the Safety of Community Members in Santa Clara County Jails and Courts. Click here for full letter from the Coalition of Justice and Accountability

    • Letter to Santa Clara County Sheriffs and Board of Supervisors requesting the release of all inmates pre-trial considering COVID-19 and the history of jail conditions in Santa Clara County.

    • Click here for public letter

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About and intentions of this site:

This is an online site dedicated to sharing information SV De-Bug is gathering around the status of the jail, juvenile hall, and courts in Santa Clara County in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. We are sharing what we hear from those that are incarcerated, their families, attorneys, and jail, court, and county administrators. We are updating the site everyday as we receive any new information. Our goal is to keep the community impacted by incarceration as informed as possible, and to share actionable steps community members can individually and collectively take for the safety, well-being, and freedom of loved ones. Stay tuned and stay safe.

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